Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Mental Health Multidimensional Intake Form For Clients...

Intake Form Critique Shelli J. Ness SWG 510: Foundation Practice I Arizona State University Online Fall 2016 Introduction In this critique, I will examine the mental health multidimensional intake form for clients beginning services at Fairview Counseling Centers in Minneapolis, MN. According to their website, this center encourages clients to have the intake forms completed before their initial intake appointment (2016). There are different forms depending on the client’s age and needs. For this report, I will critique the adult intake form, which is nine pages long. Presenting Problem This adult intake form asks â€Å"What has led you to seek help at this time?† followed by four questions regarding past success, supports, strengths, and challenges (p. 1). I appreciate that this is an open-ended question as it will allow for the client to fill in whatever issues he/she has identified in his/her life. This question also allows the client to give multiple answers if he/she has several concerning factors to address. Number of Questions This intake packet is lengthy. I do believe it would be beneficial to the client if there were not so many questions. People coming in for services already have concerns or issues they are trying to work through. Many times, clients feel overwhelmed or anxious about beginning mental health services. This intake form, with all its questions and nine pages, may contribute to increased anxiety or be overwhelming for people. The questions are

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