Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Develop an ethics program for a company X Essay - 1

Develop an ethics program for a company X - Essay Example Excel Finance offers financial services to clients from all backgrounds in the region of Los Angeles where employees are expected to demonstrate high ethical standards. Firstly, at Excel Finance, it is unacceptable to report for duty late. Obviously, as a financial institution, Excel Finance would like to show that every detail is met. According to the instructions on the entrance, Excel Finance opens its doors exactly at eight o’clock in the morning. Therefore, it means that if employees report late, there are chances of opening the business late. This will create the wrong integrity about the company in the eyes of the highly esteemed clients (Brink, 2011). In addition to observing punctuality, the employees of Excel Finance are expected to communicate with the customers in English language unless where impossible. Politeness while addressing the client is imperative, and any report by client of a staff’s rudeness will be extensively investigated after which disciplinary actions may be taken. Concerning use of company equipment- telephones and other utilities-, every employee is expected to exercise responsibility. Usage of company telephones and another equipment for purposes not related to the business is not allowed, and the staff could be penalized if this is contravened. In regard to handling money from clients, all employees at Excel Finance are expected to issue a document indicating receipt or issuance of the same. No staff is allowed to receive money from customers without a purpose. For cashiers, all money must reflect in the client’s account as soon as they are done with depositing. As for the loan officers, assessment of customer’s business has to be done before approving a loan. Also, ensure that all the spaces that ought to be filled by the client have been filled without exception. All staffs are expected to show respect

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