Thursday, October 17, 2019

SS402B Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

SS402B - Essay Example tion procedures to be followed, procedures of assessment reporting, requirement documenting, confidentiality, procedures of recording, policies and procedures for continuous improvement, assessment cost, links with industrial system relations, link with quality management system, procedures of assessment appeal, policies in support of grievances of candidates, and arrangement s of partnership. In order to test and tag the electrical equipment to be used for assessment, there are a number of steps that shall be followed to ensure that this is done appropriately. First, the assessor will identify the equipment that needs to be tested then have them recorded in the register of electrical testing. The technical assistant needs to have calibrated the equipment within at least twelve months. Secondly the assessor would take a risk assessment of the equipment to find out the relevant testing frequency. The time frames for the equipment would also be set. A person who is competent would be engaged in the equipment testing. Thirdly, the tags and grant for electrical testing should be provided to the sites so as to help in the portable electrical equipment testing. The number of host sites would be identified, and resourced by testing tags and testing appliances. The training would then be organized for the electrical testers that are nominated. Fourthly, the individual sites would engage the trained staff members to take part in the testing. This trained staff member contacts the host sites so as to make an arrangement of access to the tags and testing equipments. From the hazard assessment and evaluation of risks in the work place of the assessment candidates, there were different types of breaches in the health and safety of the site. The common breaches found were that key precautions of the site were missing. The edge protection for the prevention of falls from a given height was missing managers of the site were poorly trained, the workers on the site had no

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