Friday, August 23, 2019

Garmin's Vivo Activity Tracker Line Term Paper

Garmin's Vivo Activity Tracker Line - Term Paper Example Developing high-quality data in the devices with measurements can give the company an improved accuracy, intelligence and position as a leading expert in terms of fitness and health. The data should comprise both burn and intake to give the ability to track maximizing accurate quality assessment. Thirdly, there is also the aim to appeal and identify unique user segments. As the firm’s market matures, it needs to have value propositions and focused customer agents. The credibility of being a trusted advisor can get achieved by rich connection and understanding with the company’s user base (Kotler & Kevin 54). Fourthly, Garmin will aim at building loyal customers. Creating a great users base community will be the major metric for the company in globalization space. The user base scale will develop more significant data and give great customer sharing that may only expand bolster user trust and loyalty. Fifthly, the company will use a platform technique. To develop a loyal user base and a lasting experience, Garmin will have to create a full end-to-end system that is functionally integrated. It should base on a uniting platform of the customers community and easily allow digital services, apps, accessories, and devices series are working together. Thus, this path can get achieved through organically developing full ecosystem part or rich partnerships. Lastly, following the above objective, Garmin will aim at building strategic partnerships. Being more intimate with customers’ needs meeting them and understanding where they are in fitness and health life. It means developing partnerships and affiliations with trainers, fitness programs, gyms, professional athletes, diet programs, corporate wellness programs, and insurance providers. It will provide an opportunity to broaden and scale user base at a low-cost marketing/sales model (Kotler & Kevin 36). Garmin’s primary target market will

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