Thursday, November 21, 2019

Humanities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Humanities - Essay Example This paper approves that The settlement was started in mid-1830s when Yankee whaling ships who had gone from the Pacific areas began arriving in cove at the west side of San Francisco Bay. This cove became popular to ships to replenish their supplies before returning home around Cape Horn. By 1849, after the gold rush, San Francisco became inhabited by around 40,000 people to take advantage of the economic boom, and buildings soon started to rise. They were short lived because fires ate them up damaging millions of dollars worth of property and displacing many families. Business and commerce became alive again, with warehouses, shops, hotels, and saloons mushrooming in the waterfront streets doing brisk business. People who came from around the world came to settle in San Francisco. The cornerstone for the cathedral was laid on July 17, 1853, and the design resembled a â€Å"Gothic church in Alemany’s hometown in Spain.† Our church’s website describes the first constructed cathedral as having â€Å"parapets on either flank, surmounted with embrasures, and buttresses finished cut-stone pinnacles. Inside a vaulted ceiling with groin arches rose above a Carrara marble altar imported from Rome.† This essay makes a conclusion that all these years saw the emergence of a new Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral with many new plans and projects for its reconstruction, and with the start of Old Saint Mary’s Living Landmark Campaign initiated by Rev. Charles Kullman, CSP, Pastor.

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