Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Is the USA Trying to Seek Control on China Research Paper - 1

Is the USA Trying to Seek Control on China - Research Paper Example Barack Obama has recently suggested that they are trying their best to pull out their manufacturing process from China in an attempt to dent their economy. Moving on, in the second statement made in this research paper, it is a known fact that china has been trying to influence markets outside Asia to come and invest in their country. USA has been trying to contain the influx of FDI from their country towards China in order to manage the currency of China. â€Å"US interest in Asia revolves around containing China and the growth of the SCO, and securing under its economic sphere of influence, the most populous region in the world. Asia is home to 4.14 billion people or 59 percent of the world’s population.† USA has been putting its efforts to further exercise control on the military might of the Chinese. The important factor here to note that is the fact that USA wants to build a strong far east base to counter any future attacks by China over the USA, since the Chinese missiles are capable of destroying the majority of the major cities of the USA. Moving onto the fourth point, the USA is seeking China as a major economic threat, which plans to control and maximize the potential available to them in order to take away all the major jobs from the citizens of the USA. The economy of the USA is at a current downfall, while the economy of China is on the rising. One of the primary reasons behind this is the fact that China is deploying majority of its jobs into fields, which are hurting the European, and the American consortium. Moving onto the next important aspect of the attempts made by the USA to curb the growth of China has been the attempts to immobilize the workers of China settled in the USA who are continuously sending in Foreign Direct Investment in their home country of China as a mark of improving the economy of China. It is imperative to understand that Chinese settled in abroad have the highest grossing number of FDI influx to their home country. USA’s retaliation to the same has been its attempts to devalue the currency of China, however, this has been happening at a very subtle pace.

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