Friday, November 1, 2019

Reflective Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Reflective Portfolio - Essay Example This reflection has been drawn from my experiences from working in a group with fellow classmates who have different character traits, seeing how I fit in and respond to various situations and consequently the end result of our working together. My ability to form judgments on these various areas has been drawn from reading scholarly work by Kolb on learning styles; along with Belbin’s Self-Perception Inventory. Ultimately, the learning process will have been improved as I will able to consider what I have learnt and relate it to my personality as I endeavor to get into the job market and this knowledge will help me better myself as a student with my career in mind; thus achieve professional development. Section I: Intrapersonal Effectiveness In establishing my effectiveness in an organizational setting, I have sought out reference for such knowledge from Kolb’s work on learning styles. Kolb explores the theory of experiential learning to determine how this knowledge im proves learning in higher education. He establishes that this theory is based on six propositions that are shared by the scholars who have previously researched the issue. The first is that learning is best actualized as a process not in terms of outcomes, where students should be engaged so as to get feedback and examine effectiveness of their learning efforts. Education should then be looked at as having the same goal and process of reconstructing experiences continuously. Looking into my personal learning experiences through this unit, I have come to see that I am a visual learner where illustrations such as charts and diagrams help me understand a concept better and remember it later on. Effective learning is achieved through repeating the process whilst adding new ideas, knowledge that are then examined, tested and combined to previous material. All this should be done with the student’s beliefs and ideas on a topic being explored. This second proposition is essential as it allows for refinement of the entire learning process to ensure it is beneficial to each student (Kolb& Kolb 2005, p.194). Personally, this became clear in the course of this unit where I discovered that developing a relation to every new topic with a previous one allows for integration in my mind. This means that I can create a mental picture of the whole unit with each topic in perspective. The usefulness of this proposition is that allows a student to be adaptable and embracing to new topics that may be challenging, which is a crucial intrapersonal skill. Practiced over time, this relearning process will enable me to always be willing to discover and seek out new information and work-related skills that will in turn help me excel in my career. The third proposition involves getting equipped with conflict-resolving skills as learning involves interacting with opposing modes of adaptation to the world that result in differences, disagreements and conflicts. One should thus be pr epared to engage in fruitful contentions in styles of reflection, thinking and feeling. Through this course, I have realized that even though business shares several universal principles every entrepreneur will have a different viewpoint on which principle surpasses the rest. For instance, I believe that when I decide to

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