Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Beauty and the Beast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Beauty and the Beast - Essay Example Although there are many versions, this paper will compare and contrast Villeneuve version with that of Disney because of the characters used, setting and plotting. The versions are different in some aspects and at the same time similar. For instance, similarities and differences arises by focusing on the main characters in the story. In the Disney version, the Beast is selfish and whiny who revenged actions of others, such as the woman who refused sheltering . This is contrary to the Villeneuve version where the Beast is unselfish and the only wrong portrayed is refusing to marry his governess. For this reason, I see that the characters in the two versions are different in that one is punished for wrongdoing while the other falls victim of injustices. Similarly, I feel the two versions are different in the way they portray the main character, Belle. In the Disney version, she is the only child of the inventor and lives in France. People love her, and they always bust into songs in her praise. She was the beautiful girl in the village, but unaware of her beauty, making her develop an interest in books and adventuring rather than a housewife.Far rell (315) also supports this observation Contrarily, the Villeneuve versions portray Belle as the youngest daughter of the merchant who lives a luxurious life in the city.Okapina (10) also shares the same sentiments. From all these, one character has different meanings hence confusing the reader as portrayed in the two versions. Secondly, I feel the two versions are different on their expositions. For instance, Disney version names Belle’s father as Maurice and he successfully managed the wood chopping invention making him move to different towns with the hope of winning a prize in fair. However, he got lost on his way back in the woods before coming across the Beast’s castle. In Villeneuve version, the father was referred as the merchant who lost all his wealth because of fire and others taken to pay

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