Thursday, September 26, 2019

Why does Galen Strawson think free will is impossible Do you agree Why Essay

Why does Galen Strawson think free will is impossible Do you agree Why or why not - Essay Example Strawson defines freedom in terms of moral responsibility as the capability of being truly responsible for personal actions (Strawson, 16). Again, Strawson is of the persuasion that since feelings, beliefs, practices and attitudes affect man’s choices and actions, they inform the experience people have and being responsible. This affects the manner in which people make choices in light of rewards and punishment since rewards and punishment are forces and tokens of socialization and acculturization. In other words, rewards and punishment are ways by which a society expresses approval or disapproval on an act or a choice, or the consequences of the same. There are philosophers who have counter-argued Strawson’s standpoint on the dismissal and definition of freedom. These philosophers are categorical that Strawson fails to define the freedom that is in question and that Strawson fails to state whether the freedom is real, imagined or a property that almost all adult human persons [at least in the West] believe to possess. The crux of the matter herein is that to say that one does not understand what freedom really is, is to be bereft of the most basic understanding of the society that one belongs to and this claim is therefore untenable. Simply put, the charge is that freedom is something whose comprehension is easily grasped and that Strawson is therefore engaging in

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