Friday, September 6, 2019

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film Essay Example for Free

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Film Essay I am very distressed about living in this dreadful place. I absolutely hate it; I can’t believe we moved from the best house EVER!!! With 5 floors if you included the basement and the top floor with the window where if I stand on the end of my toes I could see the whole of Berlin, to this place which I’m pretty sure is the worst house ever. I miss Berlin so much but most of all I miss you and grandfather. This house is really small too, and I mean it is tiny! It only has 3 floors which means there is not a lot of exploring to be done like in Berlin, in Berlin I had explored every single place I could think of but then I find something new all of a sudden. Also mother and father don’t let me explore in the new back garden because it is ‘out of bounds’. What ever that means. There’s nothing to explore in the front garden either because it’s so small. Perplexed, I stood and gazed through my bedroom window. There were so many farmers working on one huge field with little huts that disappeared into the distance†¦ The thing that horrified me most of all was that even kids starting from the age of about 4 were working and they looked so anorexic. Each time the soldiers shouted the kids would huddle closer and closer together. They all seemed so scared as if they were being forced to, hmmm All of the farmers looked really skinny, almost anorexic. One of the farmers’ even works in our kitchen peeling all of the vegetables. I found it really tedious with nothing to do so I decided to make a swing. To make the swing I needed some rope which was easy to find, and a tire which was a little trickier I interrupted Gretel whilst she was flirting so I could ask lieutenant Kotler if he had a spare tire. After a long and boring chat he gave me one and I made my swing. Once I had finished building the swing, I enjoyed it really well. But then I fell and hurt my knee really bad. I thought I would bleed to death but then a farmer called Pavel that worked in our kitchen ran over and helped me. After he had cleaned and bandaged my cut mother had finally arrived. She had figured out what happened almost immediately, she did not look pleased.

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