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The Life of Christ Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

The Life of Christ - Research Paper Example In the verse of evangelist we are not told that the angelic songs were heard by any other group except the shepherd that was grazing that night. The saviors’ ancestress, Ruth was in the same field where the same shepherds were guarding their flock from wild animals, she was sick at heart among the foreign corn (Farrar 1). David, the youngest son of a large family had followed the sheep and suddenly hears of the great news about the Christ Jesus being born amongst the irrelevance of a world lifeless of its liberation there was angel’s assembly of heavenly host praising God and saying Glory to God and there be peace on earth among men of good will. It might have been expected that Christian goodness could protect the rude grotto of shepherds in the minds of the church but instead the chapel of the herald angel is a â€Å"mere rude tomb† (Farrar 2). The poverty of chapel matches well with the humble toil of those whose happy vision is intended to remember. In the te mple, only four of our lords beginning are narrated by gospel, the circumcision, and the presentation in the temple, the visit of magicians and the flight into the Egypt. Fist two occurs in St. Mathew and no single particular can be pointed out in which the two narratives are necessary contradictory. Its only since in the dawn of Christian children are surrounded with romance. The exact order of the eighth day after the birth of (Luke i.59; 21) the purification was thirty-three days after the circumcision (Lev xii 4) The narrative of the visit of magician recorded in the second chapter of St. Mathew is of the deepest interest in the history of Christianity. The facts of the gospel are brought together with Jewish believes. This furnishes us with the new confirmation of our faith. After the wise had offered their gifts they would naturally have returned to Herod but being warned they returned to their own land another way. We don’t find further traces of their existence but th eir visit led to very memorable events (Farrar 5). Physical geographical of Palestine is perhaps more distinctly marked than that of any other country in the world the country character from north to south may be represented by four parallel bands, the Sea-board, the Hill country, the Jordan valley, and the Trans-Jordanian range. The country hill, which thus occupies the space between the low maritime plain and the deep Jordan valley, falls into two great masses, the continuity of the low mountain-range being broken by the plain of Jezreel (Farrar 6). Even as there is one hemisphere of the lunar surface on which, in its entirety, no human eye has ever gazed, while at the same time the moon's freedoms enable us the estimation of its general character and appearance. This is therefore is one large portion of our the Lord's life of which there is no full record; yet such suggestions are, as it were, given to us of its outer edge, and from this, we are able to understand the nature of t he whole. Again, when the moon is in arched, a few bright points are visible through the telescope upon its illuminated part; those bright points are mountain peaks, so lofty that they catch the sunlight. One such point of glory and majesty is revealed to us in the otherwise unknown region of Christ's youthful years, and it is sufficient to provide us with a real vision into that entire portion of His life. In modern language we should call it a story of the Savior's confirmation (Farrar

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