Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Plato's design systems that reduce the apparent irregularities in the Essay - 2

Plato's design systems that reduce the apparent irregularities in the motions of the planets to regular motions in perfectly regular cicles - Essay Example But it is very difficult to let go of traditional beliefs and very often people cannot recognize anything that is not correct scientifically or morally. â€Å"In The Sleepwalkers, Koestler traced what he thought to be the mainstream of the development of science through exquisitely researched and written biographies of some of sciences leading figures.† (Adler) Plato writes in his book ‘Republic’ that stars form a section of the ‘visible world’ which it not real or actual world. While being very beautiful they are a ‘copy of the real world’. For Plato real world is the ‘world of ideas’. He would rather study the stars in abstract than find about their rotation and revolution. Only by paying full attention to the intellectual can we in actual understand and capture the essence of astronomy. Plato was a very prominent scientist till the last years of twelfth century. But he lost to Aristotle for two hundred years. Plato did make a comeback but both these scientists complemented each other. For Plato change goes hand in hand with deterioration and he describes the creation as â€Å" story of the successiveemergence ofeven lower and less worth forms of life†¦Ã¢â‚¬ the ladder which he climbs down starts from god to ‘the world of reality’ which is made up of ‘perfect form and ideas’. Then comes ‘the world of appearance’ that is a pale reproduction of the real world. Plato believes in the philosophy of decline and devolution rather than that of growth by ascent. To judge whether Platois sarcastic or is to be believed word for word or symbolically is very difficult. Plato hated change and looked down upon the idea of evolution and changeability. The middle ages echoed this along with its simultaneous desire for everlasting and unchanging flawlessness. The author is very critical of Plato and his view seems like a tunnel vision phenomena, but he feels that this is ‘what he came to mean to a long row of future generations- the one sided

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