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Ernie Barnes: Research of the Football Artist Essay -- history

Ernie Barnes: Research of the Football Artist Ernie Barnes was and still is one of the most popular and well-respected black artists today. Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, in 1938, during the time the south as segregated, Ernie Barnes was not expected to become a famous artist. However, as a young boy, Barnes would, â€Å"often [accompany] his mother to the home of the prominent attorney, Frank Fuller, Jr., where she worked as a [housekeeper]† (Artist Vitae, The Company of Art, 1999). Fuller was able to spark Barnes’ interest in art when he was only seven years old. Fuller told him about the various schools of art, his favorite painters, and the museums he visited (Barnes, 1995, p. 7). Fuller further introduced Barnes to the works of such artists as, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Correggio, which later influenced Barnes’ mannerist style of painting. As a young boy Barnes was â€Å"introverted and shy† (p. 8). He wasn’t able to fight like the other young boys his age, and quickly became a punching bag for bullies. The after school brawls became so severe that Barnes’ mother asked his principal to allow him to leave school fifteen minutes early everyday. After viewing the extent of Barnes’ bruises, the principal had no choice but to comply. On the other hand, once the other children learned that Barnes could draw they no longer laughed and made fun of him, â€Å"They just watched [him draw] in silent awe† (p. 8). When Barnes entered junior high school, he became interested in dating and knew that the only way he could get attention from the girls was to play junior varsity football. Therefore, he joined the team, and was dubbed too sensitive for the game, and later quit the team. However, when Barnes entered high school, he was put on a bodybuilding program, by the high schools weight lifting coach, Mr. Tucker, who showed a genuine interest in Barnes’ drawings. Through Mr. Tucker’s constant encouragement, Barnes was able to reinvent himself, graduating from high school with twenty-six football scholarships, as well as the respect of the community (Artist Vitae, 1999). Before Barnes went to college, at North Carolina College (now North Carolina Central University), he impregnated a young girl and was forced to marry her in order to save face, and his first child was born in 1957. Although Barnes’ marriage was not a successful one, he adored his newbor... ...ers football team. Completes â€Å"A Dream Unfolds†, commission for National Basketball Association commemorating their 50th anniversary. Private commissions (5). Receives Treasure of Los Angeles award, Central City Associatio  · 1998: â€Å"The Advocate† donated by Donna Arnold to North Carolina Central University School of Law. Begins paintings for traveling exhibition, Visual Poem of Human Experience. Private commissions (6).  · 1999: Private commissions (2). Continues to work on paintings for traveling exhibition, Visual Poems of Human Experience (The Company of Art, Chronology 1999). Bibliography Barnes, Ernie (1995). From Pads to Palette. Waco, Texas: WRS Publishing. Huyett, Pat. (2000). Mbembe: High Aspirations [Online]. Available: [2001, March 19]. The Company of Art. (1999). Artist Vitae [Online]. Available: [2001, March 19]. The Company of Art. (1999). Chronology [Online]. Available: [2001, March 19]. The October Gallery. (2000, May 19). About the Artist [Online]. Available: [2001, March 19].

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